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Element Runner

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Element Runner (by ewenter)

Game Introduction
Based on the Living Card Game (LCG), Element Runner unlocks a character, which comes packaged with a character-only card.
The game is divided into asymmetrically provided Demons and Runners, providing a special experience and unique fun with different play of the camp.
You can feel the Speed and Thrill of the Game in Real Time, and various Characters and Creatures realized in 3D give you pleasure in the game.

Build Your Own Deck!
Complete your own Deck with Exclusive Cards for characters with various characteristics and Common Cards shared by Camp!

Demon vs Runner!
We invite you to the fierce Battlefield of Demons and Runners towards the Gem ‘Core’ that can revive the Demon King.
In Element Runner, you can choose either the Demon or the Runner, any Camp.

Element Runner

Defense and Offense at once!
In Element Runner, the Battle between Demons and Runners takes place in a completely different way.
Demons are Defenders who summon Creatures or Traps to protect the ‘Core’ from the Runner’s Invasion. If you have chosen the Demon Camp, enjoy the Defense Game that grows while protecting the ‘Core’, a Gem containing the power of the Demons from Runners!
A Runners is an Attackers who invade the Realm of Demons, battles Creatures and avoids Traps to find the ‘Core’. If you have chosen the Runner Camp, enjoy an Offense Game where Demons steal the ‘Core’ before completing the ‘Growth’ of the ‘Core’!

Element Runner

Real-Time Thrill!
In Element Runner, you never have to wait for your opponent’s turn to end. You can instantly play the play you want, when you want it.
Enjoy Extreme Play in which the Winner is decided by a Moment’s Choice!

Element Runner

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