Elemental Guardians

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💡Platform – Android

Languages: English is not complete

The description of Elemental Guardians (by JnL GAMES)

You can feel the fun of puzzles and the fun of RPGs at the same time.

Puzzle meets RPG
The battle proceeds by using one-stroke drawing puzzles and various skills of the hero.
You can form a party with 3 heroes, so various combinations are possible. Check your hero’s skills and organize your own party!

Elemental Guardians

Stage with various monsters
Each region has a different concept background and monsters.
Monsters using various skills appear, so check the characteristics of the monsters and attack the stage!

Elemental Guardians

The endless tower of infinity
Each floor welcomes you with a new monster every time.
Check out the monsters guarding each floor and see what your limits are!
Infinite Tower is scored according to the number of floors and clearing speed, so please inform other users about your score.

A powerful boss dragon that roams the continent!!
Dragons are powerful world bosses that use various attack patterns and annihilators.
Attack the dragon to upgrade your hero even more!

After clearing the dragon, it will reappear after 36 hours.

Elemental Guardians

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