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Elementra: Fantasy RPG

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Elementra: Fantasy RPG (by Ahmed Gudaliev)

Save the world of Elementra from evil creatures of the abyss!

A cataclysm occurred in the world of Elementra – the balance of the elements was disturbed by a previously unknown cosmic abyss. Heroes of the elements were sent down by higher beings. Their task is to restore harmony, repel the invasion of the cosmic abyss, return peace and prosperity to the once beautiful planet.

Summon vigorous fighters and boost their skills, experiment with different teams to clear dungeons, combine and embrace the power of the elements to win. Choose your strategy wisely as you lead your squad into battle!

Elementra: Fantasy RPG

Enter the throne room to upgrade your hero, learn powerful spells to triumph in battle. Play as a Pyromancer or Paladin, upgrade talents to improve your strength. Excel in water, fire, light, dark, wind, and nature schools of magic to defeat your enemies!

Elementra: Fantasy RPG

Raid the dungeon of Erael for legendary prizes. Descend deeper into his lair, vanquish powerful opponents, and receive virtuous treasures in epic battles. Combat legendary bosses for fame and glory in strategic fast-paced brawls, slaughter the renegades that bring mayhem to the land!

Elementra: Fantasy RPG

Featuring stunning visuals and vivid special effects, marvelous character models, beautiful skills and spells in a lucid fantasy world.

Elementra: Fantasy RPG

Play with fun and unique heroes, fight incredible strategic battles, cast powerful spells, win astounding drops and loot, beat daunting enemies in arduous dungeons, and much more.

COMING SOON! Battle other players head-to-head in PVP tournaments, gain rank and glory as you climb higher in the arena, invite friends to dungeon raids. More classes and heroes will be available.

Start your adventure in Elementra and assemble your superior team!

Available: Google Play – US, CA, DE, UK

Elementra: Fantasy RPG

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