Elf fantasy – TH

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Elf fantasy (by JK Culture Global)

Elven Fantasy is an action-adventure MMORPG where you can meet cute pets in the dreamland and the depths of the ruins. Enjoy the adventure to increase the power of your pet Make new friends on every journey.

Introduction to the game
Raise cute pets that will be your partners in battle
Freely match pets with different attributes. Activate the relationship effect. Explore the growth path
Adding pets to forms Can help in combat or increase the character’s combat power.

Elf fantasy

Various professions You can choose as you like
various battles Skills can be reset each time. career as you like Customize your skills to make your way through the dungeons. To attack or accept, it can be configured.

Elf fantasy

Follow your favorite friends, give gifts, send messages and like each other
in this world of adventures you will not be alone!
Challenge the world boss with the guild. marry someone you like

Elf fantasy

Develop a strategy for cross-server battles
Be part of a multi-class player collaboration. Post strategic notebooks and make friends.
With the PK multiplayer event, the game will become more enjoyable.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElffantasySEA

Available: Google Play – Thailand

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