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Elios M: Red Battlefield (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Elios M (by FingerEyes)

“Welcome to Elios, Adventurer!”
When I was stopped by Elios when I was wandering in the past
It was a word that the villager who welcomed me seemed to be happy.

The people of Elios were always lively and always smiled.

I was always looking forward to visiting this village
There were also many people who visited to relax.

Some time has passed since I left Elios
While traveling here and there, I came across news about Elios.

“It’s a big deal! A huge door called’The Gate of the World’ appeared in Elios!”
Numerous adventurers, hunters and heroes all started out as Elios.

Elios was a land of peace and abundance
What will happen to Elios now…?

Elios M: Features of the Red Battlefield

Which of the 3 classes is your hero?
Knight, archer, wizard

엘리오스M : 붉은전장

Become a brave warrior
Challenge your limits by nurturing your own heroes in beautiful and diverse maps!!

‘Story’ as if watching a movie
Play over 500 quests.
Are you ready to fight for Elios??

엘리오스M : 붉은전장

Defend Elios
Are you ready to fight millions of monsters??
Defend Elios from fearsome monsters.

Survival competition, dire battles, and tense PVP
Cultivate according to your own style and play with fun, let’s get rid of stress with PK!!
Feel the PK that you can’t guard against for a moment.

엘리오스M : 붉은전장

Prove your strength
Ranking system to prove one’s combat power.
Prove another strength of your own using pvp.
Progress through quests and train to become stronger.

Build your own team with attractive warriors
Create guilds, parties and challenge boss raids.
A powerful boss is waiting for you!!

엘리오스M : 붉은전장

Idle system controlled by one finger
Convenient operation with automatic hunting / automatic quest.

There is no MMORPG more comfortable than this
Time is waste!! I hate to bother you!!
Do not worry!! Convenient operation with automatic hunting.
Easy to play!!

엘리오스M : 붉은전장
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