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The description of EliosM


Which of the three classes is your hero?
(Wizard, Knight, Archer)


Play more than 500 story-based quests. Are you ready to fight for Elios?

Create a party and challenge the boss raid. A powerful boss is waiting for you!


Meet 24 different NPC besides Rondel and Ales to progress through quests and train to become stronger.

Challenge your limits by nurturing your own hero in six different and extensive maps!
(Ailos (plains, grasslands), Demiros (desert, wasteland), Windreos (mountains, valleys, highlands), Icefields (swamps, snowfields, seas),Inferos (lava, volcano), Deston field (the land of death, invaded royal city))

Are you ready to battle hundreds of monsters?
(Defend Elios from cute rabbit-like ray beads, fearsome skeleton bosses, orcs and goblins, ferocious Po Lakoro, and hundreds of monsters.)

Game story


In the rich and peaceful Elios, an extraordinarily brightly shining gate appeared, and when people began to call it the “The Portal of the World” huge monsters appeared in this land.
A fierce war for survival has begun.In order to recapture the old capital, the Allies of Elios paid token to those who were qualified to enter the barriers of the old capital, Lielos Castle.
Despite the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd failures, they did not give up with the support and faith of numerous people and constantly challenged.
But this token was a trick of the monster world, and was to raise those who were against them and use them as troops.
Heroes who were given tests and tokens were drawn into the old capital…
Will the destiny of the heroes be used as troops to attack other dimensions by being killed, subjugated, or brainwashed..

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