Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes


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💡Platform – Android

The description of Ellrland Tales (by Loongcheer Game)

About the Game
Ellrland Tales:Deck Heroes is a Roguelike card game with the feature of CCG & DBG. The game is transplanted from steam – Ellrland.
Ellrland, the place Elon and his family live, is named after Ellr, which represents all the children of humans and Elf.

Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes

“Daughter, where are you?” Elon screams.
After searching for a while, he realizes that his daughter must be captured by the demons based on the trace he found.
It is said some ancient magical creatures have appeared here in the forest recently.
“I must save my daughter, and kill the demons! “
To save Elon’s daughter, he must seize the day because the deeper the forest, the more dangerous it becomes.
It’s an emergency so no more hesitation!

Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes

Game Features
*Roguelike Adventure-Epic Features!
*2 Professions, 170+ cards, build your own deck!
*Pets with different skills for you to bring with!
*50+ Mysterious events await for you to experience!
*Excellent work of art!

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