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Elves online – Elf movement

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💡Platform – Android | ios(Tw)

The description of Elves online – Elf movement (精靈樂章) by X-Legend

Genie Online classic mobile game sequel, and friendly 3D MMORPG. The story of “Unique Warm and Cute Fairy” is full of fairy tale journeys!

Elves online - Elf movement

[Fantasy world, enjoy exploring]
Stepping into the mysterious and magical continent of Sefael, the vast scenery of mountains, rivers, lakes and marshes, and so on, adventure is boring. As an elf messenger, you will travel everywhere, and at the same time fight against alien civilizations, explore as much as you want, and create the most special adventure memories with your partners!

Elves online - Elf movement

【Q cute fairy, personal guardian】
The elves are unique magical creatures in the Sefael continent. They are always affectionately called the elven messenger as the “master”. The center of all things, always accompany you all the time. Q cute looks hidden underneath the strange sky and others. You can’t put it down. Come and develop your own cute creature!

Elves online - Elf movement

[Strategic team, extreme operation]
Form a super elven expedition team, to protect the elves’ memory cards, cast a variety of upright opponents! Thousands of strategies for a king, and the damage output of multiple skills provide auxiliary battles to help you reverse the situation.

Elves online - Elf movement

[Dream island, individual life]
Become the master of an island, run and set up your 3D island landscaping, design your own individual island through the workshop furniture, and collect or make equipment or gorgeous fashion elves, all by yourself.

[Various wear, one volume collection]
In the world of Sephir, there are many stories that adventurers are interested in. Through battles, missions, books, islands and other systems, filling up the collection of records step by step will bring to the character, and at the same time, you can get more than one hundred kinds. The appearance of dress up!

Elves online - Elf movement
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