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Embers: Last Duel

Official Launch – SEA – OBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Embers: Last Duel (by Winway Entertainment Limited)

Embers: Last Duel is a real open-world MMORPG boasting over 20 classes and more than 12 PVP gameplays without rules. You can enjoy adventures, treasure hunts and huntings freely in the game and experience the most splendid visual effects in the history of mobile games and the grand and epic adventures!

Game Feature
Over 12 PVP Gameplays Challenge the Server Limit

-12 PVP gameplays offer players with excellent fighting experience
-The largest open world without rules and limits to get infinite glory

Embers: Last Duel

Team Up to Challenge BOSS with Wise Strategies
-Battlefields everywhere, crisis everywhere
-No more boring raids or pile fights. Kill BOSS if you can

Embers: Last Duel

Unlimited Class Transfer System Over 20 Classes
-Free cultivation of 20 classes with customized talents and arcanes, first in the industry
-Showcase your understanding of classes with godly harvest

Embers: Last Duel

Get Almighty Gear at the Beginning of 2-Minute Dream Battles
-Highest chance in the industry with 100% positive comments
-Even ordinary players can get full-body godly gear in fair matches

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Embers: Last Duel

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