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Empire Defender – Global

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Empire Defender (by Amaterasu Games)

Early Access
Try it now and get involved in the development of the game being developed by only one person.
The game is still under development, so content and features are subject to change.

“Defense kingdom Tower rush with hero legends guard: offline tower defender games 2022.”

Are you looking for the most relaxation, fun, and entertaining games?
Epic Empire is one of the best and most brave hero king games that defense his whole empire kingdom dungeon with the legends guard of the kingdom. It is the best relaxation game for your kids, even not only play this game just toddlers it can enjoy by young as well as adults.

Kingdom Tower Defender Games

The king of the kingdom Game defense his empire with defenders who love to guard the empire against monsters with Tower Defense tactics. Empire war is one of the popular games of the era played by users all around the globe. Instruct the army and use all kinds of war games arsenal to defend the castle. Direct your army to defend, fire arrows and keep defense towers on alert.

Epic Empire: Tower Defense

Marvelous Castles:
Epic Empire quests are strategies based on different maps such as valleys, magic forest, frozen land (coming soon), and dark empire (coming soon). You will have to protect the empire, wage war against them and conquer the land with magic.

Epic Empire: Tower Defense

Pet System:
Evolve your heroes to the maximum level to activate pets that will help you and fight for you. They will be side by side with the heroes throughout their game journey. Pets are a lot of fun, don’t miss this chance to see them in action.

Epic Empire: Tower Defense

Tower System:
Various types of defense towers are available, stone golem, archers, infantry and the mistress of magic. Each defense tower has its power and defense ploy to kill enemies. Upgrade all the Towers to gain more power against Monsters and win the kingdom war game. Upgrade it by the coins you win after victory.

Epic Empire: Tower Defense

Features of Epic Empire: Tower Defense
Mighty Heroes: 10 heroes with unique abilities to fight enemies. You can control 3 heroes at the same time to defend your kingdom and defeat enemies.
7 amazing powerups to help you in that moment of difficulty.
Play with pets to help you defend your kingdom.
Eye-catching graphics and gameplay
Daily challenges.
Daily rewards.
Glorious effects
Various astonishing maps
War of the realms with heroes and different enemies.
Evolution system for heroes and towers.
Tower Defense scatter your enemy to defend your kingdom.

Epic Empire: Tower Defense
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