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Empire Defender TD – Official iOS

Official Launch(Global) + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Empire Defender TD (by ZITGA)

You’re a skillful master in strategy game? Thrive on your wise tactics and fight formidable opponents. Lead your mighty heroes and defend the frontiers of your realm from the darkness!


Enter the game with millions of players in an endless battle around the world to win victory and fame.
If you are a true Fantasy Tower Defense fan, this TD game can’t be missed! You will be surprised by the wonderful graphics and impressive gameplay.


Your goal in this game is to build your own plan to safeguard your throne and eradicate invaders, bringing peace back to your realm. Not only does this catch the most enticing characteristics of a TD game, but it also has many new features that keep you playing for hours!


An epic tower defence that is attractive, fun and free! We name it Battle TD (btd).
Offline mode that you can play anywhere at anytime.
High quality graphics than most of the other tower defense and strategy games.
Consider all power in your hand, carefully learn about your enemy to have the most suitable strategy and tactics. Build your best defense and reach glorious victory!
120+ maps and levels that are both challenging and interesting in a strategy game.
4 types of Defence Towers with different functions and strengths, come along with 5 upgradable options. Archer, Mage, Warrior, Dragon, Golem,..all is yours.
11 Heroes with different powers and skills. Choose your heroes to lead the btd 6 war and rush a vengeance. Defeat or being defeated, it’s up to you!
10+ types of unique Runes that help strengthen your heroes so that they can push away any fierceful bosses and invaders.
30+ types of enemies with their own evil skills. Don’t underestimate the minions, or they will destroy your castle!
The intense boss fight in this addictive strategy and tower defence games and realm defense that you can never see in any other free td games!
5 Power-ups – the true saviors in the hardest defense moments.
More than 100 achievements in this games – await for the mightiest defender to conquer!
Competitive Tournament: Let’s see who is the best defender in the world championship, the Infinite Challenge!


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Empire Defender TD: Tower Defense The Fantasy War
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