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Empire Naval War


The description of Empire Naval War

Hello Commander! Welcome back to the Age of Exploration. Now you can lead many legendary navy generals to build your own fleet, fight across epic siege battles with Strategy. Experience the adventure and prepare for challenge of Empire Naval War, the Arab epic strategy battleship game. Conquer the seven seas and be the King of the world.

Game Features
Intense Naval Combat
PVP all the way to raid ports and explore the golden coastline. Fight epic siege battles and take royal cities.

Empire Naval War

Invincible Fleet Formation
Legends come alive, near 100 historical generals simulated real naval vessels in Middle Ages. Discover the best Fleet Formation from endless combinations 

Empire Naval War

Classic Sea Battle
Fight all the famous naval battles across the world and command your own invincible fleet across the seven seas!

Empire Naval War

Battle with Guildmates
Fight alongside friends and conquer the seven seas together!

Empire Naval War
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