Empire War:Empire Strikes Back

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Empire War:Empire Strikes Back (by Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd.)

A system that takes a step forward from the tower offense concept
Go out to the battlefield using power suits and fight, become a commander on the battlefield
Unleash your tactical skills to the fullest

The core elements of the strategy game and various elements that make it more exciting have been added.

The microscopic robots who won the interplanetary battle
After setting up an outpost on Earth, mechanical civilization rapidly spread throughout the planet.

Empire War:Empire Strikes Back

By the powerful power of kryptonite, the source of the mysterious power of machines
As all operating systems on the planet became automated

Human jobs also gradually began to disappear from the world.

The goddess of engineering who became unemployed despite having graduated from an engineering school with a high employment rate
I made a mobile suit in harmony with my classmates.

Empire War:Empire Strikes Back

Kryptonite, the source of power for microscopic robots
Destroy the tower and make a plan to recapture their base.

The high expectations that the dream of re-employment can be realized by driving out the mechanical civilization
You are strongly motivated and your first plan is a success.

Empire War:Empire Strikes Back

You have become the commander of a great power exerting great power on Earth.

You recruit allies, create more powerful mobile suits, and drive the mechanical civilization from Earth.
They decide to conquer even their planet.

Empire War:Empire Strikes Back

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