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Endless Journey

Early Access(New BETA)+Apk

💡Platform – Android(CN,PH)

The description of Endless Journey (by TUYOO GAME)

Endless Journey is an idle RPG game set in the background of sword and magic. You will summon heroes from four camps in a magic land called Uladh, relying on these powerful comrades to eliminate the demons invading Uladh. All the surprises and adventures start here!


War between guardians and devils!
The legend of Four camps——human, barbarian , death, nature.The legends behind each camps are waiting for you to discovery, and the crucial future of each race is waiting for you to write!
An unprecedented magic world is before your eyes! Start a new adventure on the land called uladh!


Brand new idle RPG game!
Fit the vertical screen of the 5v5 battle. Easy to handle with one hand when you are in the subway or waiting for bus. With the simplest operation to feel the most lively and fierce battle!
Adjustable combat camera. Select high camera, you can feel the grand fighting atmosphere and coordinate the overall situation of the battle. Select close camera, feel the heroic posture of a single hero, one move in one form, clearly reflected in the eyes!
High quality pictures and characters, 20+ high-quality pictures, 30+ hero characters and 10+ 3D scenes are waiting for you to explore!


Build your victorious forces!
Upgrade the level of heroes, evolve your heroes! Truly experience the cultivation of heroes. Grow up with heroes and overcome all difficulties with the team!
Obtain strong heroes through summon and 10 rolls, high quality hero waiting for your call!
Every second of the battlefield is thrilling with the strategy to win, the trickery of the soldiers, the restraint relationship between the camps, and the release time of skills. You are in charge of how to use the restraint relationship to arrange the troops, and how to release the skills to resist the enemy’s powerful attack! You control everything!


More brilliant gameplay are being added!
Dungeon Adventure——Every step is full of danger and surprise. You don’t know whether you get a power bonus or meet demons sleeping underground for years
PVP Arena——Build the strongest team and battle with other players’ strongest combat power, the arena’s highest glory is waiting for you!
The Peak Tower—— The higher the place, the more ferocious demons, each level of the battle will be more difficult than the previous one! Use your strategy to summon different heroes to defeat each enemy according to their weakness!
More wonderful activities are coming!

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