Endless Nightmare 4: Prison

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Endless Nightmare 4: Prison (by 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games)

The story location of the new Endless Nightmare takes place in a prison. Scott Boyd, a sergeant in the US Marine Corps, returned to the United States after retiring from his conflict with Colonel Jason. A series of things that happened after returning to his country gradually crushed Scott, and the cruelty of reality forced him to a desperate situation, thus walking towards the endless abyss…

Explore and discover each room, collect useful clues and items to figure out the case
The scary prison is also dangerous, don’t alert the creepy monsters wandering around, you can hide in the cabinet if necessary
Collect powerful weapons, upgrade parts, and kill creepy monsters
Learn skills to improve survival ability
Find resources to solve difficulties
Defeat the evil boss

Endless Nightmare 4: Prison
Endless Nightmare 4: Prison

Game Features:
Exquisite 3D art style, giving you a realistic horror visual experience
Explore from a first-person perspective, find the clues and key items
Rich game contents, skills, weapons, puzzles, exploration, battles and so on
More weapons to choose from, hammer, pistol, shotgun and rifle, use your favorite weapon!
Multiple difficulty modes with different endings to unlock!
Thriller music and sound, scary atmosphere, please wear headphones for a better experience!

Endless Nightmare 4: Prison
Endless Nightmare 4: Prison

Endless Nightmare: Prison is a free 3D scary horror game, it inherits the characteristic gameplay of the previous horror games, such as puzzles, exploration, shooting, dodging, talents and so on. The new story is closer to real life. You can know about the plots through the experience of the epic creepy horror game, feel the cruelty of reality, the helplessness of Scott towards life, and the incomparable grief and despair in heart. Although it is a scary horror game, it is the self-salvation of the Scott after a series of things happened.

Endless Nightmare 4: Prison

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