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Endless Odyssey

Official Launch(Beta) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | IOS

Available: Google Play | App Store Taiwan

The description of Endless Odyssey (by HONGKONG FAME CHAMPION)

Easy Strategy
 Super visual magical combat mobile game, you can explore the endless world even if you put it on! Hundreds of heroes from five races are randomly selected, each with its own characteristics and strong tactics.
 Experience the placement of real-time battles, relax and do whatever you want!


Diversified Development
 Diversified comprehensively enhance combat power, retreat and drop stars to adjust the lineup at any time, enrich the fetters involved in the battle of destiny, and combine a variety of equipment at will
 With, easily develop a powerful hero!


Multiple play methods
 Ruelike gameplay has a variety of options, casually explore the snowy treasures, one-click to hang up and release both hands, and friends can join forces to fight in real time.
 The reward is up to you!


Official website

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