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Endless Road: Reborn

Official Launch – iOS

💡 Platform – iOS, Steam

The description of Endless Road: Reborn (by ELSIAVERSE LLC)

Endless Road: Reborn is a roguelike card game where players must use a variety of equipment and skills to defeat vile creatures lurking along a treacherous, endless road.

Game Features

Eight playable characters, each with different active skills!

Choose from dozens of equipment, jewelry, and gemstones to improve your cards and stats.

Randomly-generated levels.

Heaps of game events and unlockables.

Immersive graphics and music complement a twisted storyline.

One step at a time.

You can only see what lies just in front of you. Will you be able to see it through to the end?

Endless Road: Reborn

1. Eight Classes

Choose one of eight character classes, each with their own fighting characteristics.

Try out their unique talents and find special equipment that is tailored to each class. Some card skills that seem kinda useless on one character may actually be really cool and powerful on another!

2. Tabletop Game Map

There are two environments and four levels of maps (with more to be added shortly), all in the style of tabletop role-playing games. Each time you enter a new map, the content, events, and combat objects are randomly generated.

Fighting battles and even some random events will drain your health. Don’t let it drop to zero, or else your journey will come to an end. Always remember to eat and tend to your wounds.

Restore your lost memory and let the sophisticated and twisted plot unfold by collecting letters that have been left behind.

Endless Road: Reborn

3. Tons of Rewards

You’ll come upon lots of hidden treasures along your journey, all with different powerful abilities. There’s some super-rare powerful legendary equipment, spells that restore your health, food, traps, camouflaging fragrances, hard cash, and so on.

4. Unforgiving Battles

The core mechanism of battling is simple to learn, yet hard to master: You’ll need to calculate and combine cards, spells, and talents to surpass your opponent’s point total. However, sometimes it’s wise to defend rather than attack, or set traps and develop a long-term strategy to out-smart the enemy. Your foes may have the power, but you have the brains!

5. Improve Your Skills

Depending on whether you defeat a boss or are defeated, you will be taken to one of two types of menus. When you defeat a boss, congrats! You can buy equipment to replace existing ones! If you die after a battle, you can switch classes or modes, but your previous journey will come to an end…

Endless Road: Reborn

6. Unlock Achievements

There are a lot of achievements to be unlocked, various game modes, difficulties that feature tough late-stage challenges, and high replayability on top of it all. Future updates will further expand the gaming experience.

7. Game Design

Unlike most independent game studios, we are not aiming to explore deep truths and profound thoughts through this game.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s incredible when games can tell a story that can change your life. But when it comes to our game design philosophy, the actual “playing” part is what comes first. We believe that the fun aspects of a game are the most important, so providing a smooth and rewarding game experience is our top priority. Everything else, from graphics and sounds to story line, are subject to the core game mechanics.

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Endless Road: Reborn
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