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The description of Engage Kill(エンゲージ・キル ) (by SQUARE ENIX CO.)

“Veyron City” – A mega-float city floating in the Pacific Ocean that does not belong to any country.
In this city, which has been mining the new energy resource “Orgonium” and attracting the most attention in the world, there have been many special incidents caused by “devils” called “D disasters”.

Engage Kill(エンゲージ・キル )

After “a certain big incident” was solved by Shu and Kisara’s activities, emerging PMCs (private military companies) entered the city one after another.
Meanwhile, the main character also establishes the “Rising Sun Military Company” to fulfill his own purpose.

When the company has just started up and the strength to compete with the devil is yet to come, a girl with a special power, Chloe, appears before the main character.
Chloe has never belonged to PMC, but the main character sympathizes with Chloe’s “experientialism”.
After that, the former soldier Aoi, Emilio who has a connection with the underworld, and the mechanical genius Noel and other encouraging members have gathered one after another.
Everyone has their own goals, and they are friends who sympathize with the hero’s purpose.

Engage Kill(エンゲージ・キル )

Her hero’s purpose is to stop as many tragedies as possible, and to resolve the demonic curse she suffered from…

The main character’s curse, Chloe’s purpose, and the many demonic disasters that continue to occur in Bayron City.
While solving D-disasters with skillful teamwork, the protagonists gradually approach their goals.
What lies beyond the dawn that the Rising Sun aims for is――.

Engage Kill(エンゲージ・キル )

Official website https://www.jp.square-enix.com/engage-kill/

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