Ensemble Stars!! Music

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The description of Ensemble Stars!! Music (by HappyElements)

*Welcome to ES! This is the OPEN BETA version of Ensemble Stars!! Music. This test version is now only available for GooglePlay users in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
The test version does not stand for the final quality of the game. The game content and event schedule in this test version may be slightly different from the official version to be released in the future.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ensemble Stars Music, the full-direction immersive mobile game, the essential sequel of Ensemble Stars now is finally coming! This time, idol students in Yumenosaki Academy start their journey again. 49 stylish lads, fitting in every dream you have ever had.

Elaborated 3D live scenes, attractive game stories by famous playwrights, luxurious voice cast, all pulls you closer to “everything about your idols”. A brand-new immersive experience is waiting for you!

Super Real 3D LIVE, Closer to him than Ever
In the 3D LIVE mode, you can enjoy rhythmic music games as if you are at the live scene yourself. With 4 difficulty levels from easy to expert, covering from the greenhand to the advanced, you will find your own stage! At the same time, stylish 3D MV of your idols accompanies you till the end of the live!
You can set the center idol and change their costumes as you like and enjoy the unique shining SPP performance for the idol you favored!

Ensemble Stars!! Music - EN

Heart-Touching Connections, Bitter-Sweet Story
Mainly composed by AKIRA, the famous Japanese light novelist, Ensemble Stars!! Music continues the story in Ensemble Star! In this new story, young idols left school and stepped into the society. On the road heading for future, they’ve experienced doubts, hesitations, joy, and tears. Different stories among them are staged on the choir square every day, which will pull your heart strings from time to time.

Ensemble Stars!! Music - EN

Top Voice Cast, Charming on Each Syllable
40+ First-class voice actors joining, including Midorikawa Hikaru, Kaji Yuuki, Kakihara Tetsuya, Morikubo syoutarou, Maeno Tomoaki, etc. With voices almost covering all styles, it is an immersive auditory feast you shouldn’t miss!

Ensemble Stars!! Music - EN

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/enstarsmusicEN/

Official website 👉 https://www.ensemblestars.com/


JP Version

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