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Ensemble Stars !!

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Ensemble Stars !!

Idol nurturing 3D LIVE rhythm game, Ensemble Stars!!

It is a version-up sequel to the previous work, Ensemble Stars’ IP worldview,
All Yumenosaki academy re-sort!

14 unique units composed of 49 young boys with different styles!
Upgraded 3D live with more detailed graphics!
In addition, a tense story and an extravagant cast of voice actors!
You can feel and enjoy “all things about idols” closer!

Ensemble Stars !!

A rhythm game that anyone can enjoy!
4 levels of difficulty can be freely selected!
Whether you are new to beginners or a veteran of rhythm games,
A stage that suits you, full of sense of accomplishment!

Ensemble Stars !!

Idols in front of my eyes?!
Bring idols’ performances to life with realistic 3D live!
Free unit formation, center selection, and stage costumes for idols!
The one and only special performance presented by my pick doll!

Ensemble Stars !!

A harmony of laughter and emotion!
Idols taking their first step into society at Yumenosaki Academy,
The process of growth is not smooth,
It is full of doubts and perplexities, failures and frustrations, laughter and tears…
Their youth story unfolds in Ensemble Square,
Would you like to check together?

Ensemble Stars !!

Super Express Woojin Seong, Noonho River & Guiho River!
Midorikawa Hikaru, Kaji Yuuki, Morukubo Shotaro,
Tetsuya Kakihara, Tomoaki Maeno, etc.
More than 40 super-class voice actors participate!
Sweet voices from top-notch voice actors in my ears!

Ensemble Stars !!

Into the daily life of idols!
Your own idol office decorated with various furniture and interior themes!
Idols enjoying shaved ice on the beach,
An idol sleeping with a cute eye patch in a cozy bedroom…
The immersion is also the best with more detailed motion and living details!

Ensemble Stars !!

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