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Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite

Official Launch – ENG + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite (by RegenStudio)

Casual ‘Shooting / Roguelike’ “EnThrone”
Enjoy Retro Platformers & Roguelike easily!

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite

Unique characters!
Check each hero’s special abilities.
Various professions, including prosecutors, wizards, archers, warriors, ninjas, etc.

Easy gameplay!
Use the controller interface at the bottom.
Automatically attack projectiles against close enemies.

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite

Diverse monster patterns!
Target monsters with unique patterns.
When you kill all monsters in the room, move to the next floor.

More than 100 types of equipment items!
Improve the hero’s ability by acquiring equipment.
Gather the best equipment, target every chapter.

Enthrone : Shooting/Roguelite

Endless battle for the throne!
Battle the ancient hero boss and win.

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