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Epic Fantasy (EN)

Official Launch – Global

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Epic Fantasy (by Cravemob)

The great Kabaa began again, the beginning of another legend.
The bloody land blackens the lake, and Baa’s life is threatened again.
Only those who want to risk their lives gather.

High-quality idle RPG
Tired of holding your smartphone all day long? Resting.
Heroes of Epic Fantasy takes over the dangerous battlefield.
Fight monsters and get rewards for your hero growth.

Epic Fantasy

Easy and simple growth system
All rewards earned through neglect and battle must be invested in the growth of your hero.
Easily grow your hero’s level and equipment with a single touch.

Epic Fantasy

Hero initialization system
Isn’t that a waste of growth materials used by unused heroes?
Reset your hero to recover materials used for growth and grow other heroes.

Epic Fantasy

Extreme neuroscience strategy battle
Battlefield Wanderer Aria deals powerful damage to enemies with a fierce double sword.
Galad, the immortal wizard who overcomes death with heavenly power
Unit composition that can show the best battle synergy with various heroes
Protect Baa’s life from powerful monster threats.

Epic Fantasy
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