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Epic Merge Heroes

Soft Launch

💡Platform – Android

The description of Soft Launch (by NEOWIZ)

Easy and fun AFK + Merge RPG, Epic Merge Heroes!
Enjoy the sensation of Merge Combos!

Want to become stronger? Just Merge, Merge, Merge!
Simply put them together and you have powerful heroes!
Gather Epic Heroes and make a team! You’re now ready for battle!
Dominate the battlefield with powerful Epic Heroes

Epic Merge Heroes

Smooth game-play! Easy and fun automatic AFK RPG
Just form a team of heroes, and go AFK! Heroes fight automatically!
What happens when I’m stuck in a stage? Use the reincarnation system to get rewarded and become more powerful!
Experience an rush of excitement with quick merge combos!

Epic Merge Heroes

Various Epic Heroes from Four Different Tribes
Human, Nature, Hybrid Beast and Mermaid Tribes!
Collect unique Heroes and create your own Epic Team of Hero!

Epic Merge Heroes

Thrilling Dungeons and Exciting Content
Heroes become powerful through infinite farming in various dungeons such as Exploration, Catacombs, and more!
Aim to be the world’s strongest against the World Boss through endless growth!

Epic Merge Heroes
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