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Epic of Conquest

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Epic of Conquest (by CHANGYOU.COM)

Brand new strategy+city governance battle game – Epic of Conquest – comes now!
Fate of this empire is at your hand. Conquer with strategic gameplay by forming alliance with other players and make plan wisely.
Take on the next city or defeat monsters for loot? Your decision will influence the result of the whole war.

Epic of Conquest

Elaborated Map
Beautiful map with all the details. Routes, cities and other facilities are clearly displayed.
No efforts to recognize the situation of occupation on your battle path at first glance.

Epic of Conquest

Develop & Conquer
Countless cities are waiting for you to conquer and unify.
Expand your empire by attacking more cities and acquire more areas.
Determine what kind of resources you want the cities to produce for your best development.

Recruit & Enhance
Heroes come from all parts of this land await your commanding.
Recruit powerful heroes and let them be your strongest help.
Upgrade to enhance the heroes and develop their potential to the best.

Epic of Conquest

Ally & Cooperate
Is it too difficult to unify this war-torn empire by your sword alone? Ally up!
Defeat enemies and share your sweet fruit of victory with your allies together.
Make the best of division and cooperation in your amazing battle plan.

You are the only hope for this battleland, come to Epic of Conquest and bring glory to your empire!

Epic of Conquest
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