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Era of Conquest (CN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Era of Conquest (征服紀元先行版) by Spark Game

Global heroes gather, exclusive units fight for you
The overhead view of the world is integrated with world-renowned civilizations. Legendary heroes and exclusive units are on the stage to maximize the advantages of generals and soldiers to help you conquer the empire and create glory!


Explore the fog freely and unlock your magnificent empire
Rich plot exploration and side missions create an immersive game experience, where you can experience the development history of civilizations around the world. Are you sure you want to explore it?


Real-time operation of the army, free to fight without morale restrictions
Free marching and RTS combat mode, simple and easy to use, the soldiers can move with their hearts, move with their fingers, control with one hand, and start fighting anytime, anywhere!


Super-burning siege battles, returning to real historical battles
The latest version of the Unity 3D engine is used to perfectly present the siege battle situation, with super high picture quality, super large scenes, super substitution, creating the ultimate audio-visual experience, bringing you the enjoyment of the game symphony!


The largest map in history, infinite zooming will win thousands of miles away
120km*120km super-large seamless sand table map, small map infinite zoom, more real light and shadow terrain, alternate day and night, with a variety of weather, help you plan your strategy and win thousands of miles away!

A fair battle to win with wisdom, no VIP, no acceleration, no resources
No VIP does not sell acceleration resources, multi-arms collocation, multi-skill combination, enjoy the ultimate brain-burning duel. Win with wisdom, strategy is king!

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