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Errand Saga (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Errand Saga (by AFTERTIME)

A monster appearing in a sacred lake, an unprecedented earthquake and Atra’s attack. Ominous events taking place on the continent of Mirgard. They all came to the same event … The Demon King, long recorded as dead, has resurrected?

The lord of the peaceful village of Mortburn is dead! The two men were charged with the murder of the lord and were expelled from the village. Bean wants to find her lost memories, and Nina tries to connect the store that her mother passed on. The story begins with Ninas Eland, the so-called errands center that everyone listens to!

[얼리 억세스]에란드사가 : 오늘도 부탁해
[얼리 억세스]에란드사가 : 오늘도 부탁해

Robust guild system
Executes orders on behalf of
The name “Errand” means the assignment, as well as the process of the mercenaries performing their duties.
Through events that host parties and interact with other guild members, such as Guild Wars (PvP) and Guild Raid, as well as working in a group, we want to maximize the enjoyment that users can experience during their time in the game.

[얼리 억세스]에란드사가 : 오늘도 부탁해
[얼리 억세스]에란드사가 : 오늘도 부탁해

Build friendships to get the goods you need to supply your character.
Complement my strategy with organizing friends!

[얼리 억세스]에란드사가 : 오늘도 부탁해
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