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Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

A Heroic Action-Adventure RPG for saving the endangered Erua continent

Who will be the true hero who will bring peace to the Erua continent by defeating the devil force.

Game Fetures

Be the partner with more than 100 heroes
With the outstanding skills and abilities of a total 100 heroes, you can make your future adventure more enjoable and powerfule.


Collect Powerful Equipment and Heroes through Adventure
You can challenge a total of 60 stages from normal/hard/hell difficulty level to make the best equipment and the best heroes.


Build a strong team through manufacturing equipment
Manufature the equipment you want and enjoy the most powerfule item set effect.


Collecting and gaining resources through the Castle System
You can upgrade your castle to collect materials for manufacturing equipment and attack other Adventurers’ castle for looting resources. Also, you can protect valuable resources by placing heroes in each building inside the castle.


The Tower of Challenge
The Tower of Challenge, which open differently on each day of the week, allows you to get evolution stones and skill Runes to help your Hero to be more powerfule.
You can receive more reward from the secret level.

3 vs 3 Team Battles
Form the team with the most powerful heroes to win the 3 vs 3 team battle.

Boss Raid
You need 13 powerfule heroes to prepare for the weekly boss raid, and after defeating the powerful boss, you can get 5–6 stars of equipment as a reward.

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