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Escape Games – Secret Crimes Episode – 1

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The description of Escape Games – Secret Crimes Episode – 1

The person is being murdered on 19th April 2001 Thursday at 20:21. The murder took place in the West Luz corner old cemetery. The person’s gender not found. The killer has tied the person with rope to the wall stand and set fire alive.

The killer looks like a psychopath and left no clues. This case has no open clues. But look for the clues and evidence deeply in the cemetery. Even an intelligent person makes some mistakes. The killer might leave some evidence for us without his knowledge. Your duty is to look for the evidence and collect it for verifications. In this case, we can move forward only if we get any pieces of evidence.

You have got to help with forensics, investigate the clues and interrogate suspects to find the criminal and unveil the secrets and deceptions of those involved! Find the hidden objects and samples to move this case furthermore for investigation. Use your skill to solve any mysterious puzzles. Update the case details report to the higher official immediately.

Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1
Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1

Mobiescape develops the point and clicks escape games extremely for gamers who love to explore the games of escape. The purpose of all these games is to break out of the rooms. But this Fun Escape Games will give you more excitement than other room escape games. Mobiescape gives you the real Live escape room gameplay feel while you play our games. Our games have logical live puzzles in the game room. Escape room gives you the real feel of confining yourself in the game who tries to find the way to come out of the locked room.

Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1
Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1

Unlocking the doors and locks at every level gives you a thrill and exciting feel.
Escape games increase your memory and logical power.
Hidden fun games trap you in the room and make you find a way to exit the room.

Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1
Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1

Solve the mysterious puzzles with hidden clues. Find the hidden objects to open the locks and doors.

Game features:
♦Can You Escape In Jail?
♦21 Levels Escape Games
♦Find The Hidden Objects
♦Challenging Levels.
♦Tricky Levels.
♦Doors Escape.
♦ Multiple Levels
♦ Unveil Hidden Objects
♦ Challenging Puzzles
♦ Hidden Clues
♦ Open Clues
♦ Mysterious Rooms
♦ Good Graphics
♦ Unlock the door
♦ Easy and Difficult Riddles
♦ Efficient Game with Low Memory
♦ Hints – When you are confused
♦ Free Coins
♦ Game Save Option
♦Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!
♦Use your brain and your mind
♦Riddling Puzzles.
♦Live animation.
♦Different themed rooms!
♦Constant updates of New Rooms!
♦Smooth story-line.
♦Highly addicting!
♦A unique setting, unlike any other escape game.
♦21 beautiful rooms to explore!
♦Challenge Puzzles

Escape Games - Secret Crimes Episode - 1
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