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Eternal Scarlet

Official Launch(SEA)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Eternal ScarletThe (by Gameflier)

“Many characters” X “Global competition”.
More than 150 partner knights with different personalities and skills. Collect and build your dream team, fight other players in the heavenly arena and climb the leaderboard for the best rewards!

Eternal Scarlet

“Continuous update” X “Earnings in the game”.
When you are offline, while you set up your knight roster, the knights will automatically fight and receive equipment and materials. When you re-enter the network, you will be able to directly participate in more powerful battles. Most importantly, most of the equipment and materials can be exchanged for crystals from other players through the exchange function.

Eternal Scarlet

“Open World” X “Girl’s Cafe”
Explore an epic open world adventure! Enjoy rich battlefields and lots of scenarios, missions, arenas, guilds and more. Particularly in Girls’ Cafe, players can find many interesting ingredients in the game and can create their own recipes.

Eternal Scarlet

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Eternal Scarlet
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