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Eternal Unions

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Eternal Unions (by RedButton)

The great hero and emperor of the Attrix Empire, “Ramael de Atrix”, who achieved independence from the Elyos who had been ruled by the Elyos for hundreds of years and unified the central part of the continent, returned to the Demon Realm after 87 years of reign.

After the death of his emperor, the third-ranking prince in the line of succession to the throne, “Zakra Din the Atrix”, reveals the ambition of power that has been hidden, and ascends to the throne after eliminating the Crown Prince and his brothers with the right to second place in the line of succession.

After becoming emperor, Kradin begins to purge his brothers one by one more brutally, and his real brother, “El Jardine the Atrix,” was no exception.

The goblin Elzadin, who is still only 2nd instar, becomes a traitor overnight from the status of a high-ranking prince, and becomes a fugitive who is pursued by the Imperial Army.
Will Elzadine survive the countless assassins?
It’s only you! That’s right! Only “Fate” will know the answer!

Game Features
Eternal Unions is a simulation RPG in which you take turns taking turns in each of five actions.
It has an immersive story with the theme of wars of various races within a solid worldview.

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Smooth operation and rewind function
It’s easier and simpler than other SRPG genres, but you can use a variety of strategies. In particular, the smooth operation provides a high level of freedom of play, and during battle, you can go back and replay the turn as many times as you like until you have [confirmed] the number you want.

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No frills feedback, hit feeling and sound
Combat can feel the unique hitting feel of Eternal Unions, because feedback on the play you make is reflected as it is. If you turn on the sound and play, you can feel even more fun.

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One-pick system to easily collect desired heroes
Eternal Unions is a character-collecting RPG based on shredding. There is a hero draw content called 「Convocation」. If you designate the hero you want as 「One Pick」, you will continue to receive the corresponding hero’s fragment (“Hero Stone”) until the hero is summoned. can be collected.

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Simple and intuitive growth system
The growth of the hero exists in various ways, such as equipment, level, skill, construction level up, and intimacy increase. It provides powerful shortcut functions similar to the same kind of slicing-based RPG, which makes it easy and intuitive to develop a character.

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Single content and multi content
There is a main quest where the main story progresses, a conflict area where you compete with other Union heroes and bosses, a tactics lab where you can learn strategic tactics, and the Crystal Arena content, which is another core of Eternal Unions. Among them, you will get special coins in the conflict zones and the crystal arena, and you can purchase hero stones at the coin shop.

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Multiplayer Battle! Crystal Arena!
To explain a little more about Crystal Arena, you can create a team of heroes you have grown so far and enjoy [multi] battles with other players’ teams. You can create up to 10 separate rooms at any time and fight each . Battles are asynchronous multiplayer content that you have to give one turn each and wait for your opponent. (If both players do not leave the battlefield, they will continue one turn at a time.)
It is like playing a board game such as chess, chess, or Go with several people one by one.

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Other fun factors
In addition, there are clan, a communication space, and alliance content that can support each other. In addition to the above content, all content provides special rewards.

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