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Evernight is a fantasy-themed strategy Idle RPG. Embark on a journey with the Guardians to defend against the darkness. Gather heroes, form strategic lineups and battle together!

When the source of calamity buried by the Ancient Ones turns into a post-apocalyptic disaster, the natural law of day and night reverses, and the endless night falls on Thia Continent. The secrets of Evernight, the evil conspiracy, the disputes between forces… all converged, and the entire continent fell into an unprecedented crisis of destruction. A journey full of trials and tribulations will begin here, and may the light guide you forward.

Game Features
Easy Upgrade
Auto gains rich resources when you are offline, collect them online with many other bonuses, training and upgrading are no longer a pain. There are even automatic mode and skip function, all you need is to enjoy the fun battles!


Hero Rally
Legendary Heroes of the 4 Factions, Fire, Frost, Earth and Wood await. Upgrade your power and star level, forge weapons, unlock skills, and equip trinkets, the strength of heroes is limitless!


Winning Strategy
Utilize the hero formation with appropriate zone restraint, and team up the bond heroes with the relic, you are going to dictate the battle. Maximize the buff by using Elementalist!

Rich Gameplay
Try the strength of different lineup combinations in multiple dungeons such as Lost Remnants, Evernight Challenge and Sanctuary, every hero can be powerful in different trials. Explore and resolve mysteries in Phantom Realm and participate in seasonal events in Mystic Seas, every corner of the continent is full of fun challenges!


Manage Village
Build and upgrade various buildings to create your personalized village. Visit your friends’ villages, and participate in trading and looting events for a real-life experience. Increase your prosperity and unlock more land!

Duel Challenge
Create or join a guild and fight powerful guild bosses with your allies to become the most powerful force in Evernight. Compete in PVP Arena with players from all over the world, and participate in exciting tournaments such as the ranking events and Chief Runoff!


Epic Story
From the ruins of Loran to the secret forests, bays, castles and other wonders of Thia, you will meet with guardians of different factions, who are committed to recovering the daylight, to start an exciting fantasy!

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Available: Google Play – MY, SG

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