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Evil Slasher – Official iOS

Early access – Open Beta – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Evil Slasher (by Dreamplay Games)

The story of a descendant of a retired Guardian Family, saving the world from evil demons that appear once again.

Get out of your retirement, hunt demons from dungeons and search for items to build your character.
It is time for you to become the legendary hero once again.

Auto-hunting Action RPG that will give you both the excitement of a Hack & Slash game and the tension of a survival io game.
Build your hero to challenge yourself to more demanding dungeons and collect precious items.
Easy-going enough to leave your character to grow up, but a little strategic approach will make you a greater hero.

Speed UP! Fun UP! Build UP!
Build your hero quickly and easily with quick battles, casual plays, simple controls and auto-hunting.

Evil Slasher

Speedy and thrilling battles
Exciting and speedy actions of Hack & Slash battle plays that will wipe out the swarming enemies!

Evil Slasher

Powerful and Splendid Skills
The exhilaration of wiping out a collection of enemies with powerful skills! Experience the different, yet splendid effects of every skill!

Evil Slasher

Attractive build-up features
Guardians, Summoned Creatures, pets and even more! Experience the fun of growing your assistants to grow stronger yourself!

Evil Slasher

The Monster Card System
Zombies, goblins, golems, skeletons and more! Collect various legendary monsters and strengthen them to see what happens!

Various stages and schemes
Endless attacks of monsters! Conquer the stage with the precision of an archer!

Evil Slasher

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