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F Class Adventurer

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of F Class Adventurer (by EKGAMES)

“It.. it can’t be.. Am I really F-class?!”

There is no mercy in the ranks of adventurers.

However, although it is now class F, the path of the great S-class adventurer is not far away.

Now, let’s go and destroy the monsters that will be my Exp!

Amazing Speed of Growth Pleasure!

Easy and fast, super-speed growth!

A character that grows quickly with a lot of rewards!

F Class Adventurer

Powerful skills to annihilate enemies!

AOE skills that attack the entire screen full of enemies!

Let’s destroy the enemies without complicated controls!

Continued growth even without Access!

Adventurers never rest!

Experience and rewards that continue to accumulate even when not logged in!

F Class Adventurer

Various Growth Factors

Various growth factors such as talents, promotion battles, and collections, including various equipment!

Feel the pleasure of constantly getting stronger!

F Class Adventurer

Powerful Giant Bosses

The Great Evil Awakens and the Giant Bosses!

Exciting battles with powerful giant bosses!

F Class Adventurer

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