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The description of Fairy Awaken (by EspritGames)

If you love beautiful open-world action MMORPGs, but Perfect World is already tired of you, but you want a good Russian translation and beautiful graphics. Then you are at the right place!

Fairy Awaken is an incredibly beautiful Chinese fantasy MMORPG with many RPG elements and an interesting storyline! A powerful representative of the action MMO RPG genre on your phone! Stunning 3D graphics and very beautiful locations deliver a truly aesthetic pleasure.

Here you will find: an open world, adventures, epic battles, a cool storyline, friendship and betrayal, starting a family, building your own house and farm! All the best in MMORPGs!

You have to explore the once peaceful land of Sun, in which cunning invaders destroyed the beloved ruler, his family and all dissenters, and only a few inhabitants were able to escape in the forests. Help the militia and bring the beautiful Song back to the world.

Fight other adventurers in thrilling battles, conquer territories, make friends and family, and build your own home. There is everything here for a complete immersion in this fabulous fantasy universe! Enjoy gorgeous 3D graphics and well-written plot and humorous dialogues with intrigue and side quests.

Explore an impossibly beautiful world! Sakura blooms here, huge bamboo forests and yellow flower fields stretch! The dungeons are huge and the enemies are varied! You will fall in love with this place!

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

Equip your own home with a stable, arable land and vegetable garden. After all, there is nothing better than returning home after a day filled with battles, quests and adventures.
Decorate the interior of your home. Make it truly a reflection of your hero, be it a mage, warrior or assassin.

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

Choose the class and gender of your hero, and use all the unique abilities of a knight, magician and assassin. At your disposal is magic, daggers and the unbridled power of the berserker. Develop characters, choose from a huge amount of weapons and armor. Run the game with or without auto-race and auto-combat.

Collect all the cute pets on your way, create a squad of them, pump and take care of them. They will help you in your adventures and battles. You can also participate in mini-games: pet battles.
It doesn’t matter if you are a powerful wizard or a powerful warrior – you definitely need a steed! All your riding horses will be waiting for you in the stable of your house, pump them up and take them with you on trips.

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

Find your love! Here you have the opportunity to meet your soul mate and have a wedding. Show your romance and confess your love. Take courage and get married!

Help the militias and restore order to the Song lands. Use all your magical and military abilities to win battles. Take part in large-scale action battles in the open world with a variety of enemies, whether it be legendary bosses or small demons and people. Go through dungeons and get extra power and experience. With or without auto-combat, you are capable of winning.

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

The once happy and peaceful land of Song lies in ruins, the emperor fell, and only a handful of militias can figure out who did it and repulse the enemy. Or are they pursuing their own interests? Espionage, intrigue, drama, loss of friends, game of thrones, everything is for real here! Friends turn out to be enemies, enemies turn out to be friends. You have to unravel the tangle of tangled events.
The dialogues are written with humor and each character has his own character and habits!

Arenas, dungeons, battles, everything that should be in a solid fantasy action MMORPG. Measure your strength against players from your clan and friends.

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

Join the top clan or create your own! Take part in battles and battles together. Meet other adventurers. It’s always easier with friends to win and get bonuses.

Official website https://espritgames.ru/

Fairy Awaken - action MMORPG

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