Fairy Tail : Endless Adventure (CN)


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Test time- 2020 May 6, 10 a.m.- at 11:59 p.m. May 12, 2020

Genuine demon tail punches! Brilliant adventure card game “Fairy Tail: Endless Adventure” watch!

Fairy Tail : Endless Adventure

Authorized by Kodansha, Fairy Tail: Endless Adventure collects popular characters, perfectly restores the original animated plot, reproduces the original animated scene, and updates the combat gameplay, allowing players to relive the original animated storyline in a smooth gameplay. I feel the passion.

Fairy Tail : Endless Adventure

Not only that, the game also includes many skills for interpreting magical connotations, guild elements with a high level of contraction, continuous fights with high freedom and a strong strategic role-playing gameplay, producing ingenuity designed to perfectly represent the IP game demons. device.
Endless adventures and endless battles!

Fairy Tail : Endless Adventure

Game features
Perfect reproduction of animated plot
The original authorized story of the original animated story is reproduced by Kodansha.
Come to the fantasy adventure scene and liven up the personality and passionate characters!
Presentation of Magical Prosperity
Super-ability to interpret the strongest magic, a magnificent arc to show ultimate prosperity.
Not only a fierce battle, but also a determination to protect their companions!

Fairy Tail : Endless Adventure

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