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FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! (En|Th|Cn)


The description of FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!

Create a character Play the role of magic user in all 9 classes

From the familiar magic power in the manga, it has evolved into 9 magic classes, including gun magic, power magic, wind magic, sound wave magic, snow magic, guard magic, character magic, potion magic, and recovery magic, each with its unique characteristics. And different powers Choose and practice your favorite magic. To become the number one magic user


Join the fight with the magicians From the fairy tale world

Go on an adventure with a team of mages that you create, including Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Elsa, Wendy, and many more. Meet the magic that is familiar from the manga, whether it is the dragon-slaughter magic Magic shuffle Or a magic summoning a star god Develop and train them To build the strongest team in your edition


Conquer turn-based battles with strategy

Select team members Freely positioned Both your members of the Mage, Mage, and you make an advantage with team formation strategies. With 10 styles to choose from, the strongest magic user is the one who plots the best strategy!


Explore the enchanted world of magic. And experience the legend of fairy tales

Marvel at the magical world of fairy tail Immerse yourself in a 100% manga based storyline in a whole new light Full of character voices from the original voice actors Join the magic world battle alongside the fairy tale mage.

Build the strongest guild Ready to conquer the S-level mission

Create or join a magic guild. Go on an adventure and grow with your guild mates. Join together to become the strongest number one guild Confront the Dark Guild And challenging S level missions


A social system that makes the adventures of you and your friends even more colorful

Add color to the adventure with many social systems. Strengthen your relationship with your partner with the marriage system. Build and decorate cute and warm houses, farm animals, or send voice chats to friends in a magical world.

Trading items freely Towards the path of wealth

In the magic world Magic users can freely buy and sell items through the magic market. You can become the richest magic user by selling rare items. Or become the strongest magic user by stealing rare items from the market.

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! (Th|Cn)

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