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Fairymon Legend (Pokémon)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – IOS

The description of Fairymon Legend (Pokémon)

Welcom to the world of fairymons!Here you will continue to meet challenges and become a powerful trainer.The game brings you back to the childhood and restores all generations of fairymons,let’s retrieve the memories of happiness together!

Special features with battle evolution

Fairymon Legend (Pokémon)

With Mega evolution and bracelet system,take risks to defeat powerful enemies to obtain various materials.There are many super fairymons hidden among them,collect and elevate and experience the fun of trainning them!

Makeup your own lineup

Fairymon Legend (Pokémon)

Special fighting effects happens during the battle!Bravely rush to the eight gyms,you can trigger attribute status effects in battle,make damage increases!Use the most effective attribute lineup and strategy to knock down enemies!

Win the best trainer title

Various of side missions empower the fairymons and don’t be afraid of boss,reasonable arrangement let you get twice the result with half the effort!

Fairymon Legend (Pokémon)
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