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Faith Mobile (Vera)


Faith is the most advanced mobile MMO fantasy DOF game. Unreal Engine 4 has created a 9 million square meter seamless world.

3D aerial combat, real-time 360 ​​° independent combat, creating stunning 3D IMAX movie-level imagery, providing users with cutting-edge graphics and leading voice teams.

Vast view Unpredictable plot Rejecting repetitive tasks Embrace multi-line growth In the game there are not only interesting and diverse dungeons. And still have exciting cross-server army battles And have close attentive social interaction Offering a complete MMO game experience for players!

Game Features
Ultimate attack angle Seamless fantasy world
Mobile MMO fantasy game using Unreal Engine 4, built 9 million square meters of land that is seamless. Cubic area of ​​180 hundred million square meters Entering the secondary dynamic shadow For the quiet forest and the mighty mountains to resonate Every place has strange wind light. Skeleton animation techniques allow the character to move naturally. Detailed quality makes the image more realistic. Giving perspective like never seen before

Faith Mobile

Fierce battle in the sky Usurp the lord of the sky
Sky Fight 《Beliefs》 A truly independent 360 degree battle in the sky. Players not only fight against evil dragon boos in the sky, can also PK and rely on the Unreal Engine 4 function, resulting in a more realistic object calculation effect. Makes you feel when watching movies while playing games There is also a battle across the server (world server, island, sky) is open ~ Players can compete with other warriors from the server!

Faith Mobile

Launching 4 careers Highlights of growth
Rave Warrior 、 Mage 、 Shadow Dancer 、 Guardian 4 This profession has clear characteristics Each profession has a unique story with outstanding skills. The skill includes a twist of tens of thousands. A hot-blooded battle erupted The path to growth that is fresh, different. Profound methods of raising Making each profession have its own legend on the battlefield

Faith Mobile

Beautiful winged animals Battle in the sky freely
In the game, there are wings with elegant and bright fashion dresses. Freely set up Is a fashionistas by style Cool riding animals such as giant dragons, strange creatures take you to the sky above the clouds.

Fly freely 360 ° degrees Looked at the mountains, rivers on the land Create a special play, attack from the sky to the ground. And can also do battle in the air The skill emits light, rocks, and lightning. Clearly visible in the tens of thousands of leagues. Let the whole world see your bravado.

Open Territory Companion Team Real-time army showdown
Multidimensional social system Send real time audio Causing you and your allies to open the territory without delay Work together to challenge the strongest BOSS in the world.

And able to challenge PVP one-on-one at any time There are still battles in the army type 100v100,200v200,300v300. Lightning, ice blast, blink of an eye War like a tsunami blows down the land แผ่นดิน

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Faith Mobile

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