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The description of Fantasea (by Green Mushroom)

In this classic seafaring game, you can customize a battleship from thousands of possible combinations. Amid the nearly one hundred islands marked on the sea chart, are hidden treasures of immeasurable value that await discovery. You get to put your wits and strategy to the test against a formidable foe, and there are plenty of thrilling clashes to keep you entertained during the voyage. Together with your pals, you may take on the ocean and win!

The whole planet is in peril from a confluence of new and existing threats. Are you up to the task of saving the planet? A long-forgotten beast from the ocean’s depths has awoken. The massive storm of fury will drown everything in its path! After decades of rumor and speculation, the legendary buried wealth on the other side of the planet mysteriously appeared, setting off a chain reaction of fierce conflicts between several forces.

Come on, Captain, I say we set sail now so YOU can become the ruler of the oceans!


A battleship is made up of over ten different parts: sails, bows, weapons, and cannons, with hundreds more parts available for customization. In only a few clicks, you may design a ship that is unlike any other in the whole fleet. Forget the preconceived notions about what a player should look like or do; you are now free to be as unique as you like and to create as many stories as you want.



Combat sea creatures and discover the mysteries of a long-lost realm as you steer a battleship for the royal fleet to break the siege. There are over a hundred different game modes to choose from while putting your knowledge of the oceans to the test.



Discover ancient civilizations, neutralize abyssal monsters, and scavenge for treasure as you dive to new depths in this thrilling adventure!  Explore the secret past of these artifacts and bring back treasures from the depths of the ocean. Starting now, set off on an adventure so fantastic that it will be spoken about in every language for decades to come!

Available: Google Play – Indonesia

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