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Fantasia Sango Mysteria

Official Launch(CN) – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 幻想三國誌-天元異事錄 (by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.)

The classic stand-alone story “Fantasy Three Kingdoms” has come out on mobile, creating game content with no time limit, and you can play at your own pace at any time. A complete single-player martial arts RPG, the new “Fantasy Three Kingdoms – Tianyuan Joke” continues the Fantasy Three Kingdoms Chronicles 3 timeline, opening a new chapter in the legend.

It was the fifth year of Zhongping’s reign, and although the yellow turbans were flat, there was still chaos and unrest.
Canghualou’s secret spy Fu Xie and Lianshan Pavilion Gaozu Qiaofang, on Shangshu Lu Zhi’s orders, went to Qiao County to retrieve the lost books of the Yellow Turban Army.
From here, the young man set foot on the boundless lands of China and opened a new chapter in the legend!
We will follow Fuze on his adventures and see for ourselves the mythical truth behind history.
You will also meet countless unique characters such as brotherhood, confidants, enemies of fate, heroes and heroes, as well as some of the most romantic in the world, who will be my generation!
Is this unexpected journey a fateful cause and effect entangled in multiple lifetimes? Or is it some kind of push?
Like countless legends, youthful journeys, adventures, meetings, and then …
The twists and turns of the plot, unpredictable ending, looking forward to the day when it will be revealed!

Inheriting the past and creating a new fantasy world
The fantasy of the three kingdoms of all dynasties integrates the ancient myths and history of the three kingdoms well. What role will this new organization “Lianshan Pavilion, Canghualou and Ghost Hunt” play in the flow of history? Anecdotes hidden in historical records are about to break out of their cocoon…


A touching story about life and death that breaks the soul
Cross the Three Kingdoms period for the first time and explore the land of China with various romantic characters from different eras.


Gorgeous and breathtaking game scene
The new map and detailed view surpassing the previous Fantasy Three Kingdoms dynasties delicately represents the worldview of the Fantasy Three Kingdoms, freely travel the four directions of China with the main character Fu Xie, and enjoy learning the anecdotes hidden in different places. .


Aesthetic characters, a visual feast worth collecting
The controllable characters are the best ever. Original character portraits, a rich combat system, movie-level animation, and full-fledged voices provide an immersive gaming experience. Each frame is a beautiful visual feast.


In-depth interactive, interesting puzzle game
In addition to story progression accompanied by various puzzle explorations, there are also plenty of witty mini-games waiting for you to test your creativity and powers of observation.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – SEA

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