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Farmers Conquest Village Tales

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The description of Farmers Conquest Village Tales (by upjers GmbH)

Your farm idyll is in danger!

You are the brave Lily who runs a farm together with her grandfather in the kingdom Bradenbourg. Cultivating fields, harvesting, and taking care of livestock are your tasks – the other villagers gladly help you with that. However, the mean cattle dealer Bullock-Bill demands horrendous tribute payments for the queen from you!

You are absolutely not okay with that! Together with neighboring farmers you take on the task of uncovering Bullock-Bills nasty scheming. In the course of the story you will need many new characters who are also suffering because of the horrible cattle dealer. Help them out of their jam and make them your allies! That way you will be able to save kingdom Bradenbourg.

Farmers Conquest Village Tales

Your farm tasks

Your farm in Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales awaits you with uncultivated fields and empty enclosures. Plant grain, fruit, and vegetables, harvest everything, and get livestock for your farm. Workers will come to your farm to help you manage all tasks. Your neighboring farmers also gladly lend you a hand, but in return you should also fulfill their needs. They are hungry, need clothes, and so on. They only actively help you with your farm tasks as long as they are content.

Farmers Conquest Village Tales

A busy small village with the most distinct production chains and commodity circles will be formed that way. You will conquer more and more regions on which you can set up new production buildings. For generating income products have to be offered for sale. You need customer-attracting decorations to bring many financially strong buyers to your farm.

Farmers Conquest Village Tales

Save the quaint village

Lily’s life on the little farm could be really nice if it wasn’t for the mean Bullock-Bill. He senses great spoils on the well-performing farm, therefore he demands an insolently high tribute payment for the queen. Such a high tribute would not only financially ruin Lily, but also the other residents of the kingdom. Therefore Lily wants to fight and refuses paying the tribute. She doesn’t want to give most of her harvest to the cattle dealer and prefers to get to the bottom of all that. Bullock-Bill palters with the whole neighborhood in Farmer’s Conquest – Village Tales.

Farmers Conquest Village Tales

Make the other villagers your allies and discover all secrets about Bullock-Bill and the queen bit by bit. In the course of that you will discover that your character Lily also is a part of the mystery…

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Available: Google Play – UK

Farmers Conquest Village Tales

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