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Feudalism 3

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Feudalism 3 (by Icestone)

What does a true hero really needs? Some luck, good armor, powerful magic, a loyal army and pure skill. This game gives you everything, but skill. That you will gain in combat. Prepare for an epic battle!

Take part in a breathtaking adventure in a world that may remind you of medieval Europe! A hand-drawn map will help you explore this magical world of the Middle Ages. The most exciting battles are waiting for you! Will you take the challenge?

Feudalism 3
Feudalism 3
Feudalism 3

Choose one of the five different game classes:
1⃣ Mages of Arcane Empire
2⃣ Poisonous Ninjas of Snake Clan
3⃣ Deadly Monks of Sun Kingdom
4⃣ Knights of the Holy Inquisition
5⃣ Brutal Barbarians of Frost Legion
Choose wisely, as every class has its own spells and weapons and different talent trees, as well as stats.

Features of oldschool strategy game Feudalism 3:
Unique spells and abilities
Full version of the game for free
Fantasy setting and story
Loot mechanics
Classics of RPG genre

Enjoy the hunt fighting dragons, spiders, dooms and other enemies!
There is only one way to win – fight your foes!

Feudalism 3
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