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Fierce Allies

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fierce Allies (by Ararat Games)

Fierce Allies is a Roguelite game with a mixture of the Autobattler genre. You play as a defenseless water spirit that can assemble a team of random heroes.

Almost everything here is random!
Locations, heroes, enemies, items – everything appears randomly. But even from the most unfortunate combination, you can assemble a truly strong team. Try it yourself!

Fierce Allies

There is something to strive for.
Heroes of low tier can be combined into strong ones. And from the strong, you can make heroes even stronger.

Fierce Allies

Ever-increasing complexity.
The game is very easy to play, but not everyone will be able to win. After 25 minutes, the real madness begins in the game.

Fierce Allies

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