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Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

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The description of Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

What happen when popular meme animals on internet become fighters?
Fight of Animals-Solo Edition is here!!

Choose your favorite Animal and enjoy the wild fight! Challenge all other animals in Arcade mode to become the King of Animals and enjoy the unique mini game on mobile version!!

Power Hook Dog, Mighty Fox, Walking Cat, Crowrilla and Magic Squirrel…awaits you!!

“Super Easy Control”
Performing awesome moves by just press single button!! With Special-optimized UI design and Combo Assistant, Player can enjoy the game even they have never played any fighting game before!! SUPER FUN!

Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

“Mini Game”
Check out this adorable innocent face!! Help to push back this little(?) Seal back to the sea!!
Find out how good you are on the leaderboard!

Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

“Training Mode”
Each Animals all comes with unique moves and super!! You can train your self as much as possible in training room to become the King of all the creatures!

Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

Enjoy Fight of Animals? Try our steam version to experience more exciting combat and highly synchronized online battle!

Fight of Animals-Solo Edition
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