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Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird (by Threye Games)

Download the early access/alpha release of Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird and help us shape the game based on your feedback. For the next few months we will be updating and polishing the game as we take it to full launch.

  • We’re looking forward to your feedback to the game and to our updates as we roll them out. As each update is ready to be rolled out, we will be communicating the time and date of it’s release.

Attention Pilots! The enemy has occupied our home. We need your skills as you strike, evade and fly through areas of operation on the beautiful but deadly islands of Tjotia, Julia and Polaria. Bring your talents to this air combat action and take on land and naval targets as you improve your skills, aircraft and weapons.

Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird

Your fleet consists of iconic strike aircraft from WW2 to take on a variety of challenging and immersive missions. All Pilots will have to make dangerous and direct attack runs on targets with guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes. Your skills with speed, accuracy and distance to targets will determine the damage you do through our Dynamic Damage System (D.D.S).

We want as many pilots as possible! Two control systems are available (with more to come) to cater for your comfort levels:

Simple: We make it easy enough for anyone to fly, attack targets and evade enemy fire.

Expert: For Pilots looking to become advanced aviators.


We are aiming to add the following content during the soft launch period:

Increase the fleet size – more strike aircraft.

Liberate more of the home islands – additional terrains and missions.

Upgrades, Economy and Cosmetics Updates – we want Pilots to make their aircraft their own!

Pilots, you have to take on missions in Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird’s colourful and various regions ranging from lush and green to the harshness of the snow capped mountains and large deserts. You will start with four WW2 era strike aircraft, but the fleet will expand with future updates. Customise your aircraft and choose the liveries and weapons that best suit your piloting skills.

Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird

If you want to be a combat pilot and are looking for a challenging and rewarding game to play, check out Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird.

No lock-on weapons: make dangerous and direct attack runs on ground and naval targets with guns, rockets, bombs and torpedoes.

Dynamic damage system: Your speed, accuracy, and distance to targets determine the final damage per individual projectile. As you become a better pilot, the damage numbers go up!

Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird

Two control schemes: Choose the one right for you, regardless of you being a beginner or veteran.

Colourful and relaxed visual presentation: A colourful, relaxed and cinematic presentation across our biomes and terrains to maximise your enjoyment as you play.

Variety of fighter Planes: We launch with four iconic WW2 strike aircraft, with more to come in future updates.

Customisation: Both cosmetics and weapons have a range of options for you to customise your warplane as per your needs.

Available: Google Play / App Store – NZ, AU, FI, CA, etc…

Fighter Pilot: Iron Bird

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