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Final Arena

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 파이널 아레나 (by NEWLEAPSOFT)

140 kinds of heroes and various PVP to enjoy
Action Idle RPG! We invite you to the final battlefield.

Unique and attractive characters
Wind, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Soul
Over 140 mythical heroes and
Let’s go on an adventure together!

파이널 아레나

Various and fancy skills
Each hero has their own personality
It provides differentiated fun with brilliant skills.

파이널 아레나

Fast growth not boring
Party play to enjoy alone,
Continued hunting and growth even while disconnected
without a tedious growth process through
You can enjoy the Final Arena.

파이널 아레나

Unique and fun content
Content that is different from the existing game
Arena progresses periodically,
Try something new every week

The final battlefield where only the strong survive
Grow through various PVP battles
Make your name on the glorious ranking list

파이널 아레나
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