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Final Fortress

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Final Fortress (by Rita Wang)

About this game
In 2080, with the first zombie appearing in City B and biting several pedestrians, humanity was plunged into endless darkness and panic. Only a few humans with special antibodies were not infected. The surviving humans organized themselves and tried to revive human civilization. They call themselves the Survivors, the last hope of humanity!

Final Fortress is a 3D pixel art zombie shooter & business simulation game. The government builds bunkers for survivors, and you as the station chief take the responsibility to save humanity. In the post-apocalyptic wasteland full of zombies, build bunkers, fight off zombies, search for survivors and defend your home. There is more than one option to survive in the post-apocalyptic world!

3D Pixel Art
The game features a variety of exquisite pixel art characters and battle environments, allowing players to freely explore, collect, interact, run businesses, and defeat zombies while surviving the harsh wasteland.

Final Fortress

Immersive TPS Action
Experience the intensity of final fortress through multiple mission modes and immersive realistic atmosphere. Varied weather, day/night dungeon mode, time-limited mode, and intense survival mode offer countless fun battles.

Final Fortress

Craft Diverse Weapons
Specialized shopkeepers provide survivors with special weapons. Different firearms match to cope with the changing battle environment and mission mission. Feel the coolness and thrill brought by the battle.

Develop Bunkers
Expand and upgrade shops in the bunker to craft advanced survival resources, weapons, and equipment to strengthen your squad and meet the dwellers’ daily demands. Unlock more unique shops to experience the fun of building and managing in the post-apocalyptic world.

Final Fortress

Featured Trading
Even in a post-apocalyptic world, money is important too. Without gold, you can’t go out and explore. Gold can buy better weapons and equipment, and you can get the best supplies for field battles. So run a good bunker store to arm yourself.

Final Fortress

Enjoy Favorable Bonuses
Lots of goodies are ready for you to grab! Sign up to obtain the limited shopkeeper and the legendary Flamethrower. Want to get your hands on an awesome prize that will help you lay the arena to waste? Well get ready, cause we’re gonna give it to you!

There’s more to the exciting adventure in the post-apocalyptic world, come on! Station Chief, to protect the survivors to live and recreate the glory of the past. Work with your staff to build the last bastion of human hope!

Available: Google Play – US

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