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Final Gear (Kr)

Grand Open

💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Final Gear (by BILIBILI)

Mankind, who survived the world destroyed by meteorite impact, developed an automatic armored weapon “Final Gear”, and is trying to expand their powers by using it.

The world rebuilt after destruction, countries in conflict
And the mercenary corps “Black Arc” caught in the incident

Conflict and confrontation
Conflict and war
And the hidden secret

Who will be the final winner of the Necrees continent?

◈Girl, become the last pilot
Captain, please give me a sortie order.
Meet pilot girls with attractive visuals and powerful performance.


◈Experience mecha, free combination of parts
From head to toe,
Create your own “Final Gear” by freely combining various mechanical parts.

◈Cultivation, challenging endless limits
Character level up, Mecha combination, base construction
Cultivate various routes to reach the ultimate level


◈Story, meet colorful animation
The world of necklaces in contact with your eyes and ears,
The story unfolds from the viewpoint of “Black Arc” being caught in various events through animation.

◈Voice brings life to Final Gear
Horie Yui, Tomatsu Haruka, Mizuki Nana, Inoue Marina
Immerse yourself in the world of necklaces expressed by the best Japanese voice actors


◈ Combat, add strategy and visual action
Pleasant action at your fingertips
Defeat enemies using skills with colorful effects and unique effects

◈ Communicating with girls through base, construction and management
Performance, girl, healing, all at once
Build a base to acquire various buffs and communicate with girls.

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