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Final Tank

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Final Tank (by Wuhan Weipai)

Final Tank is a brand new tank game. Get more stars by quickly killing the enemy’s tanks. Dynamic operation, smart tactics, different ways of thinking help you play a different “Final Tank”!
Download free now and unlock all chapters!

Final Tank

Final Tank has different theme scenes and interesting play:
– Factory, grassland, desert, red zone… It is not only the changing of theme, but also the different experience of fierce fighting.
– Rebound projectile, grenade, tracking projectile, armour piercing…Different artillery equipment needs different walk and skills.
– Conveyor belt, roadblock, black hole… You can use multiple tactics to get into the harder level!
– Get more stars and become the real “Final Tank”

Final Tank

Battle Instructions:
– Move your tank around the map by using a virtual control stick
– Click towards the enemy’s direction, adjust the launcher and aim to destroy the opponent
– Effectively use obstacles to defend against the attack of enemy tanks
– Kill all the enemies and see how many stars you can get

Final Tank
Final Tank
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