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Final Three Kingdoms 2 (KR)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Final Three Kingdoms 2 (by Gamepub)

Completion beyond evolution!
Three Kingdoms THE NEXT, Final Three Kingdoms 2

Complete beyond evolution!
The classic collectible RPG! The core contents of the Final Three Kingdoms are inherited as they are!
Over 70 types of heroes embodied across live 2D and 3D lively!

Completing all-time benefits!
Hyeja’s spirit, its reputation as it is! Endless benefits that cannot be converted to the amount!
There are many merciful benefits that can only be known by experiencing it!


Complete different freshness as if it were the same
Find hidden treasures and stories in the first adventure-style dungeon of the Three Kingdoms!
A breathtaking diary with the heroes of the Three Kingdoms hiding in the dungeon!

Completing the all-out war with a legion of different scales!
Legion all-out battle unfolding on the tense siege battlefield!
Prepare for more fierce all-server siege warfare and all-server legionary warfare!


Complete a strategic battle!
Heroes in various positions such as escort, spearhead, surprise, commander, officer, assistant type, etc.!
Enjoy strategic battles using strategic placement and matchmaking!

Complete the fun of nurturing!
Equipment, exclusive equipment, special skills, vehicles, costumes, treasures, gods, encyclopedias, and title collection, etc.
Combat power is growing! Enjoy the fun of advanced nurturing!


Complete the contents of the collectible RPG!
Collective RPG textbook! A variety of content with everything except nothing!
“Siege War” to find the true strongest corps of the era
‘Party Dungeon’ to challenge rare items by forming a party
“Musang Arena” to compete with other server users
Defense “Blood Battle Mahon Tower” that makes use of the characteristics of heroes to prevent enemy forces
Endlessly unfolding endless contents’Chief Director’,’Shinsoo Dungeon’,’Mahon Tower’, etc.

Official website https://finaltk2.gamepub.co.kr/

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